Welcome to Shandong Laiyi Chemical Co., Ltd

With a brand-new business model, the company provides customers with high-quality services, takes the network as a service platform, provides the most efficient quotation system, a complete information market, and the most honest transactions.

Reputation is our foundation, and integrity is the source of our development. The company has established a good reputation among customers with high-quality services in the spirit of unity, progress and development.

Our warehouse is well-managed and well-equipped, and has the ability to undertake storage and transportation of various chemical raw materials. Adequate supply of goods, reliable transportation team, product variety and service diversification enable the company to have a broad sales market and development prospects.

The company strictly implements fire safety laws and regulations. The fire-fighting facilities in the reservoir area are fully equipped with full-time firefighters. Under the direct management of the company's leaders, they are responsible for fire-fighting, fire-fighting and disaster prevention in the reservoir area.